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Slumped Glass artist Jane Murphy.

Updated: Nov 21, 2019


I saw Janes work on Cirencester Market and was inspired to buy a red glass bowl and a small green glass jug. The bowl actually pinged several times when I had it at home and I thought I was being contacted by a ghosts until Jane explained that this happens with the glaze.

I absolutely love my purchases and saw Jane again today (Saturday) on the Cirencester Market.

Lovely lady. Lovely stall. Lovely products.

You can find out more about Jane by looking over her blog http://jane-hmurphy.blogspot.com/ or by clicking her website link here https://www.madeinshropshire.co.uk/jane-murphy

Note - I am not paid in goods or cash to recommend any supplier I spend my own money and represent my own views.... so go on, give them a go!


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