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Life is great with Alexa!

Alexa - Life with…

Being registered blind I found listening to music and the radio much more comforting than watching television. A very kind friend of mine bought me an Amazon Alexa speaker which meant I could talk to the device and ask her to do things. For example, I start with the word ‘Alexa’ and I can say things like ‘play radio 2’ or ‘remind me to put the rubbish out’ and she will remind me at a time that I want. If I ask her to play a song that I don’t have she will stream it for me. I can also get her to turn on various lights which are connected to smart plugs.

One of my personal favourites is the shopping list option, I’ll say ‘Alexa add milk to my shopping list’ and she adds it to a shopping list within the Alexa app on my phone, which I can then check, using voiceover, whilst I’m out in town doing my shopping. I can also tick off each item as I have it in my basket. So much easier than trying to remember what was on my whiteboard in the kitchen.

Alexa can also check calendars for appointments , create appointments and set reminders for things like when you have to leave home.

She’s an indispensable PA for a VI person like me.


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