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‪I’m in essence a linguist as I speak 3 languages fluently (English, French and Spanish) but I’m also fascinated by language and how complex it can be. ‬

 ‪I’ll also be honest, I find it hard sometimes with the English language when it doesn’t seem to have a set rule for pronunciation. In Spanish you say it how you see it, in French there are some silent endings but it’s not too tricky in my opinion. ‬

‪However with English, let me give you an example of same endings , different pronunciation. ‬  ‪

    ”My cousin was passing through Loughborough and was thoroughly hacked off as he’d had a rough cough for a few weeks now and was findin  it tough, he wished he’d bought some cough drops.”

when I think about people learning English as a second language I can see how muddle people could be With a sentence like this

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